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          Godzilla is a convoluted mess of a film that loses emotion and story to spectacle and action. While a disaster film such as this isn’t expected to be particularly deep in terms of character development, Godzilla features some of the most generic, stereotypical, and poorly written characters of the year. Bryan Cranston in particular seems to be overacting to the extreme, which is unfortunate considering his strong performances in films such as Drive and Argo. Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen are given very bland characters that aren’t original in the slightest, while Ken Watannabe and David Straithairn are given absolutely nothing to do. But Godzilla’s primary issue is that it attempts to make a dark and riveting film, but ends up feeling very cartoony and features too many oddly comic moments and attempts to be a fun action flick. Despite its Academy Award worthy special effects and immersive 3D, Godzilla fails on a story level and demonstrates the necessity of a quality screenplay in a big budget film. Grade: -C

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