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Edge of Tomorrow is a fun action blockbuster that wisely doesn’t take itself too seriously, and although it borrows from other films such as Groundhog Day and Terminator, has an original plot that is interesting and fun to figure out. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt deliver good performances, and while the characters do feel a little generic, the actors have great on screen chemistry that helps sell some of the more ridiculous aspects of the plot. This is very much an action film with outstanding action sequences that are very entertaining, if not a little eccentric. The film’s major flaw involves its first thirty minutes, which seem very confused on the style of the film and feel a little too plot driven. Also, as Tom Cruise’s character keeps secrets from the audience, we lose out investment in him as a character (Cruise’s character represents the audience; he experiences everything for the first time as we do). Despite these flaws, Edge of Tomorrow is a good summer blockbuster that while not groundbreaking, is certainly entertaining. Grade: +B

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