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The Maze Runner is an intriguing and surprisingly good science fiction film that does a great job building tension, setting up characters, and utilizing its environments. Director Wes Ball finds a fine balance between engaging mystery and strong character developments. While the dystopian young adult film genre has been utilized in the past to create several weak franchises, The Maze Runner takes the route of a traditional sci-fi film with a strong element of mystery. Overall, The Maze Runner is a surprisingly good film with well thought out characters and an interesting plot. Though it’s not on the level of some of this year’s other action films, such as X-Men Days of Future Past or Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, it takes a worn out genre and presence and takes a fresh spin on it. Though it’s hard to call it a great film, it’s nonetheless a very entertaining movie that, if nothing else, was solidly entertaining for two hours. Grade: B

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