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“It was hard to tell who was more crazy: me or everybody else.”

Tom Hardy’s opening lines to George Miller’s operatic masterpiece of action and chaos are not merely exposition, but a wall breaking message to the audience: things will get crazy. After thirty years, the continued adventures of Mad Max (Tom Hardy) and his hasty alliance to the deadly Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), Mad Max: Fury Road is the ideal action sequel that uses innovative techniques to tell a great story that pulls no punches and breaks every stereotype of a modern blockbuster.

George Miller’s vision of the future is a beautiful and thoroughly nasty series of visuals. It’s one thing to make completely gritty, practically filmed action with stunts and sets, but Miller crafts action that never lets up, while still maintaining the great narrative. The characterization is minimal, yet subtle and effective, and Tom Hardy gives a complicated, and powerful performance as the titular lead. Additionally, Charlize Theron’s role is equally as important, and really brings the heart of the film, and Nicholas Hoult gives a risky, crazy, and absolutely effective role.

Action films like Mad Max: Fury Road is perhaps one of the best action films of the decade, a mesmerizing journey into madness and chaos and emerging with effective human emotion and great characters, as well as a stimulating visual design. While it drags at a point, everything done in the film is unique. It’s a detailed film that transports its audience to a different place, and stimulates with some of the best action ever put to the silver screen. Grade: -A