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A sweeping, exciting epic, In the Heart of the Sea is a visual achievement and rousing story brought about by one of hollywood’s best directors in Ron Howard. The classic story of Moby Dick following first man Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) and the crew of the Essex, who’s ship became a victim of an attack from a massive sperm whale. It’s a grim, thrilling story, told with vibrant emotions and beautiful filmmaking that captures the whole scope of the human spirit.

The film isn’t just a capsule of era and event, but a great character study of it’s desperate cast of leads. The characterization is grim and powerful, but and the emotional core of the film is solid throughout, and there’s an investment in every character and their arcs in the story. A stirring drama with the scope of a blockbuster, In the Heart of the Sea is a great cinematic treat. Grade: -A