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Trumbo is a fascinating true story, with excellent performances from a great cast that elevates the material. The story of Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston), a communist screenwriter casted out by his peers for his political views, the film is crisply directed by Jay Roach with a keen sense of humor that excellently captures the era in Hollywood.While the subplots feel familiar and tedious at points, it’s a great story that’s brought to life with imagination and style.

The undeniable highlight of the film is the performances, and the titular performance from Bryan Cranston is charismatic, witty, and excellently in character. Notable side characters include Michael Stuhlbarg, Hellen Mirren, and especially Louis C.K. as a co-worker of Trumbo looking to do the right thing. While it hits some familiar beats, Trumbo is a well told and satisfying historical piece with a great moral dilemma. Grade: B