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In an era of unnecessary remakes and reboots, the height of the ridiculousness has been reached with the completely incompetent remake of Point Break, a film that not only fails to mach the unique comic action of the original but completely fails as its own standalone action film. Similar to the original, the film tells the story of FBI Agent Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey), an ex-extreme sports athlete that falls in league with a league of charismatic super criminals lead by the enigmatic Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez).

The original film is deemed an action classic due to the great characters and cheesiness of its story, and while the original had a sense of fun, the remake is overtly dramatic, and its the pseudo seriousness that makes it so flat. Instead of rising to the heights of camp and embracing the original, Point Break is a laughable silly and horribly written product of Hollywood’s infatuation with remakes. Grade: C+