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Eddie the Eagle is a heartwarming, very entertaining sports story with a breakout role from young Taron Edgerton. Although the story of Eddie Edwards (Edgerton), Britain’s most successful ski jumper, and his strange relationship with disgraced Olympian Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman) is riddled with many sports movie formulas, it’s the charming relationship between the two that makes the film so endearing. On top of that, director Dexter Fletcher gives the film beautiful aesthetics that heighten the tension and comedy of the film.

Taron Edgerton gives the role his all, and while the role could’ve easily been over the top, Edgerton plays it well and gives Edwards eccentricities without being a caricature. Similarly, Hugh Jackman plays a very untraditional mentor role that has as much room to grow as Edwards does, and Jackman’s dramatic heft carries much of the film. While it’s a serious story about what success means, there’s a lot of comedy to the film, much of which is due to the banter between the two.

Eddie the Edwards is a very fun biographical film, and the stylized direction from Dexter Fletcher combines the brutality of the sport with a great comedic edge. It’s not a story that’s unsurprising, but it’s a charming and compelling story that’s anchored by the strength of two great lead roles. Grade: B