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Deadpool is gleefully irreverent; a winning alternative to the standard comic book movie that challenges the genre with its eccentric, self-aware humor. Though it follows the standard plot that follows many of the comic book films, Deadpool is so uniquely stylized and hilariously witty that it feels like a breathe of fresh air in the face of over saturation. Most importantly, the film doesn’t sacrifice anything for wit, and the adult nature of the story is what brings forth a fully engaging film.

Following the origin story of Wade Wilson/ Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), the film tells the story of how the Merc with a Mouth came to be, combining his twisted love story with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and a revenge plot based around Ajax (Ed Skrien), a villainous mutant enslaving those with super powers. While their are elements that are familiar to fans of comic book films, Director Tim Miller tells the story in such an unconventional way that makes the origin more compelling. Most importantly, Ryan Reynolds has become almost synonymous with the titular character; he brings all the charisma, heart, and intelligence required for the role.

The film isn’t just a commentary on comic book movie cliches, but a study in them. Every element that would be considered redundant, from the love story, to the sidekicks, to the universe building feel relevant and exciting again through Wilson’s story. Deadpool isn’t just a satire though, with a brilliant sense of comedy that keeps the laughs coming with one of the year’s most memorable characters. Grade: -A