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Richard Linklater’s films have been popular do to their humanic quality; there’s a sense of reality and coming kg age that allows the films to connect with the audiences on a personal level. Everybody Wants Some is an epitome of everything that Linklater does best, featuring a memorable cast of characters and a witty, wry sense of humor. In addition to the non-stop hilarity, there’s an interesting message about competition, and a great coming of age story about its eccentric characters.

It’s the 1980s, and Jake (Blake Jenner) has been recruited as a freshman pitcher on an esteemed college baseball team, dealing with the eccentricities of the team while also trying to pave the way for his career. Jenner is a great find, combining many of the like able, charismatic qualities that characterized Mason in Linklater’s Boyhood. However, it’s the incredible ensemble that makes the film so special, and the characters alone are what puts the film above many other comedies.

Everybody Wants Some relishes in the humor, drawn from brilliant characters and amazing dialogue that drive the film. While the film may seem meandering to some, simply imitating life is where Linklater shines, and it’s the simple observations that he makes his films unique. It’s about everything and about nothing, and with Everybody Wants Some Linklater hits a home run. Grade: A