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There’s an it irrelevant nature to Keanu, a comic charm that’s wild and ridiculous, while all being part of a good natured story about two friends. The film is filled with gags, but behind the flashiness and craziness lies a truly clever premise about stereotypes and friendship. On top of that, the comedy is excellent in its wittiness and surprising nature, but doesn’t rely on shock value to do the story’s job.

Following a breakup, Rell Williams (Jordon Peele) has his life turned around when he finds a cat. After the cat is kidnapped by a gang, Rell and his best friend Clarence Goobril (Keegan Michael Key) take a wild weekend to track down their pet and in the process learn more about perceptions and the life they live. The film is reliant on the chemistry between Key and Peele, and the two have a great back and forth that sells the dialogue.

Kenau is very sketch based; the film has a great catalogue of funny scenes, but the film never feels as if it’s unconnected, as the story flows in a natural way. There’s also a strong action presence, with a great side of stylized action, including a few standout chase scenes in the film’s third act. It’s one of the more original and creative comedies of the year, a wholly exciting and endlessly entertaining comedic adventure. Grade: B+