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Going in Style is an unfortunate mishap, and clearly material below that of it’s three main stars. The film follows the story of Joe (Michael Caine), Will (Morgan Freeman), and Albert (Alan Arkin), three lifelong friends who decide to rob a bank when their pension funds are dissolved when their company is transported overseas. It sounds simple enough, but the comedy fall flat in all most every sense; outside of a few quips, the comedy is flat and falls into every cliche imaginable.

Caine, Freeman, and Arkin are all master performers, and while they at least seem to be enjoying themselves onscreen, the story breaks all measures of plausibility, and the cliches ultimately weight what could have been a genuinely fun ride. There’s more than a few cheap jokes about the elderly, and the film’s commentary on cruelty of the banks feels preachy and unsubtle. It’s not an offensively bad film, but for three of the great actors of all time to take their time to work on this project, it’s a disappointment for sure. Grade: C+