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Tramps is the average “comic/ adventure/ romance” that Hollywood has churned out since It Happened One Night; a simple story that brings together two very different characters and sets them on a journey that forces them to interact. Yes, it’s a familiar format, but the joy of Tramps is it’s low budget charm; the film focuses less on wacky hijinks or eccentric side characters, and more on its vibrant New York environment and extraordinary performers.

The film follows a young chef (Callum Turner) and a hustler’s assistant (Grace Van Pattern), who through unfortunate circumstances must deliver a briefcase to a low level mobster. There’s not much to the plot, but it’s the excellent chemistry between Turner and Pattern that guides the film from location to location; the two leads channel an energy and frustration of the young, poor working class, fueling a slightly off kilter romance bound by social class.

Despite it’s obvious comparisons to classic romance farces, the best moments of Tramps aren’t big romantic moments or outbursts, but long, drawn out conversations that seemingly go no where. There’s a value to the simple, streamlined nature of the film, and while it’s a victim of countless cliches, the time spent with these characters is valuable in its intimate, humorous quality. Grade: B