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I Am Health Ledger is a rare documentary; it’s not neccessarily contemplative or particularly challenging, yet it succeeds in exactly what it was intended to do. The film is a respectful, endearing tribute to the life of the legendary Health Ledger, who’s death in early 2008 shocked the world. Bringing Ledger’s story to life through conducted interviews with cast mates, family, and friends, I Am Health Ledger gives a thorough look at the filmography of the young actor, but more importantly, is able to show how he affected others.

Utilizing an impressive amount of previously unseen footage, the documentary stings in its tragedy of what a great artist was lost at such a young age. Yet, where a lesser film could’ve easily descended into a paranoia regarding Ledger’s death, this a film that celebrates what a unique artist he was, and reflects on the legacy his works leaves. It’s a satisfying film for those curious about Ledger’s life, and a inspiring tribute to one of the great artists of our time. Grade: B