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It Comes at Night is one of the best horror films of the decade, a nuanced and genuinely terrifying thriller about the darkest side of humanity. Like the best horror films, It Comes At Night isn’t grounded in jump scares or overwhelming gore, but about the psychology of how people react to different situations. What makes the film so superior to a monster of the week creature feature is the uncut, realistic portrayal of humanity; the film’s thrills and scares are terrifying because they feel like legitimate, and even understandable actions.

Set in the aftermath of a infrastructure decimating virus, two families form a shaky pact to stay alive, but tensions only rise when a potential outbreak occurs. The cast is uniformly excellent, with each character growing throughout the film, and each scene progressing the escalating tension that bubbles to a breaking point. With an utterly heart wrenching conclusion, and some of the most white knuckled sequences you’ll see all year, It Comes At Night is an absolutely devastating, yet essential work of art. Grade: B