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To call Wish Upon “dumb” is a disservice to the countless other stupid films I’ve reviewed that at least have some resemblance of plot, character, or logic, as this film has none. The moronic story follows a young girl (Joey King) that discovers a magical box that grants wishes, while taking the lives of others. What follows is a 90 minute combination of high school and horror movie cliches, stupid decisions made for no other reason than to advance the plot, and ridiculous montages that only waste screen time.

It’s not just that Wish Upon is bad, it’s that its bad in nearly every way; characters have menial, ridiculous dialogue, the scares are laughable at best, and the characters are not only unlikeable, but shockingly incompetent. There’s no scares to be found here, nor is there much of anything else, as at 90 minutes, the film seems to drag on forever with unneeded subplots. Wish Upon is horror at its worst: lazy, stupid, and utterly unwatchable. Grade: F