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To the Bone is a competent film that does a good job at portraying the struggles that come with eating disorders, even if the characters struggle to establish themselves outside of the importance of the issue. The film follows a girl named Ellen (Lily Collins) who struggles with anorexia, and joins a group led by a non-traditional doctor (Keanu Reeves) who aims to help the group work together to overcome their hardships. Collins is excellent here; she’s likable, and conveys the severity of the issue, and Reeves is similarly strong, although massively underused.

The film has more than a few touching moments, and is surprisingly emotional for a film with relatively thin characters. Tonally, the film works well to include moments that are genuinely depressing with those that are uplifting, and even if its a tad overlong, it doesn’t over stay its welcome. To the Bone does a good job at finding a dramatic story to tell regarding a real life crisis, yet its characters, while adequate, could’ve used more development. Grade: B