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Atomic Blonde is a fun flick, the perfect combination of pulpy graphic novel noir with the classic Cold War spy film. Director David Leitch, who proved to be an action master with the John Wick franchise, crafts a fantastic symphony of excellently choreographed action sequences, bringing brutality and intensity to the film. While the plot is fairly standard spy movie stuff, Charlize Theron’s standout performance and the clever stylistic choices make for a highly entertaining film.

At the very height of the Cold War, MI6 operative Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) is dispatched to Berlin to find a missing list detailing the identities of several British agents. Finding herself within the company of an eccentric undercover agent (James McAvoy) and a deadly French spy (Sofia Boutello), Broughton must find the missing information and escape the deadly city.

Theron is once again a great action lead, bringing the perfect charisma and gravitas to the character, and absolutely nails the physicality of each scene. McAvoy is brilliant as always, giving another wild and hilarious performance that helps to navigate through the film’s weaker story points. Atomic Blonde isn’t neccessarily a future action classic, but it’s definitely an entertaining ride, a creative mishmash of terrific action and modern noir. Grade: B