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The Incredible Jessica James is a charming, if very generic romantic indie comedy, with strong performances by Jessica Williams and Chris O’Dowd. The film follows an eccentric playwright (Williams) who strikes up a relationship with a recent divorcee (O’Dowd) after a terrible breakup. Yes, the film struggles with many of the issues that plague indie comedies, namely using “quirkiness” to hide weak writing, but the way in which the relationship between the leads develops, albeit generic, feels very believable.

There are points in which the film reverts to cliches, and borderlines being obnoxious in its self confidence, but despite these issues, the performances are excellent. Williams is outgoing, funny, and charming, and O’Dowd’s sheepish, quieter performance provides the film with great chemistry. It’s not particularly memorable, and certainly doesn’t rewrite any rules, but it’s an enjoyable enough 80 minutes, and a breakout for Williams as a performer. Grade: B-