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Logan Lucky is one of the best movies of the year, a dynamic and often hilarious heist filmmaker that never loses touch with its blue collar roots. The film has its dramatic highlights, but the film is all about character, and as per usual, Steven Soderbergh assembles an amazing ensemble of actors, all of whom add unique and interesting voices to the film. It’s briskly paced, with some clever gags and fun callbacks, serving as a hilarious cultural meditation disguised as a star studded studio movie.

Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) is recently fired from his construction job, and in an effort to forge a better life for his estranged daughter, recruits his brother (Adam Driver), sister (Riley Keough), and an eccentric criminal (Daniel Craig) to pull off the ultimate heist: robbing the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Tatum does some of his best work here; he’s believable as a father and honest man, and the sibling dynamic he creates with Driver and Keough is brilliant. However, the film’s standout is easily Daniel Craig, who’s hilarious and brave performance as the veteran thief Joe Bang is worthy of an Oscar nomination.

Logan Lucky is full of personality, and between it’s hilarious gags, witty anecdotes, and great one liners, the film still has time to find heart, specifically in the relationship between Logan and his daughter. It’s a smart heist film, a great vehicle for an acclectic group of stars, and overall just one of the most fun experiences anyone will have at the movies this year. Grade: A-